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Ian & Erica with their son David were always looking for places to go. 
What a problem to find a friendly place that you could get a cup of coffee and a simple snack while your child could run arround in safety. And not have to drive far. 
Well the best thing was to create our own place and so the Ottery barnyard was born in October 2010.
Making use of 3 recycled shipping containers, the place has grown a lot and new things are being added all the time. 
It's home to a great selection of our pet's and we would love to share them with you.
Come on in on a Mon-Sat 9am till 5pm 
or 9am till 3pm on Sundays & holidays.
Tel: 021-7039182 or e-mail: otterybarn@mweb.co.za

You can find us at 338 Ottery rd, Ottery.
On the intersection of Ottery & New Ottery rd's opposite the Sasol garrage.
Entry fee: R18-00 per person ( includes free animal feed )
We have plenty of free parking. ( even for school buses )


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