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The perfect place for children to experience the magic of animals is the Ottery barnyard. 
  1. Loads of fun
  2. Educational
  3. Safe
  4. Easy parking
  5. Centrally located
  6. Teachers and parents FREE

We have been careful in our selection of animals and the way they are raised so that you can trust your children to be safe around them. This will lead to a positive experience and love of nature.

Most children never get to see animals up close and handle them, that is what makes this a magical place and brings the classroom to life. 


Our crèche package is R30 per child including supervised animal feeding.
Our pre & school package is R35 per child with lesson plan and animal feeding.

Learners will be given a lesson or information leaflet that will extend the visit to the classroom or at home.

All animal food is provided and handling of rabbits, Guineapig's and snake is supervised.

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